#FOBO (Fear of Breaking Out)

#FOBO (Fear of Breaking Out)

go-to-market plan, marketing plan, brand strategy & identity

Dermala provides a direct-to-consumer, personalized solution for acne. Dermala combines the latest science of the microbiome with an app that customizes a treatment regimen to the user. We worked with Dermala to develop a go-to-market plan and complete brand strategy, which included a brand archetype, product names, brand identity, package design, and brand guidelines. 

Our research revealed that our target audience prioritizes experiences over possessions; they want to experience life more fully, without having acne cloud life’s most memorable moments. The science that differentiates Dermala’s products is also a lot to explain to a consumer moving from one experience to the next. We created an educational brand that explained the microbiome basics, while keeping the tone conversational and the design simple. 

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training: challenger sale, personas, buyer’s journey, marketing planning

“As a small team, we are always challenged with prioritizing resources. Tracey delivered a custom marketing workshop on marketing planning and inbound marketing. Each and every one of us (from admin to CEO) took away a valuable piece to implement into our sales and marketing process and put into action.

This workshop helped us better understand how to create personas and buyer’s journeys and apply them to our sales and marketing efforts. We now have a clear set of marketing priorities with an action plan. Tracey provided us with the tools to reach our decision-makers and to close more sales. Tracey is super easy to work with and she somehow manages to make it simple and easy to understand in a fun way!”
-J. D’Eon, CEO


41 orange
customer segmentation, marketing plan, challenger sale training

41 Orange, a marketing agency, wanted to target prospects with larger marketing budgets. To uplevel their target audience, we analyzed the market opportunities across multiple industries, segmenting the audience and prioritizing higher value targets. We developed customer personas and buyer’s journeys to identify the needs of the target audience and define how to message to those needs. We trained the sales team in the Challenger Sale methodology, to help them sell to complex buying groups with multiple decision-makers.

A few of the brands we’ve worked with: