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Congratulations Dermala!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

A personalized acne subscription based on the science of the microbiome.

Congratulations to Social Currency client (and now dear friends) Dermala! Dermala has launched the most complete acne solution we've ever seen. It treats acne from the inside-out and the outside-in. Dermala's products use prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics alongside traditional acne fighters and natural ingredients to deliver proven results. Just check out the customer before and after photos. While the effects of most acne products level off after the consumer's skin acclimates to the treatment, Dermala personalizes and optimizes their treatment—so it actually gets better over time. They analyze customers' skin via their mobile app, and adjust their monthly subscription according to each user's unique skin response.

Why Dermala Chose Social Currency

“Social Currency gave us a clear action plan to launch our brand and acquire customers profitably. They created a brand identity that engages consumers while staying true to the science that makes our brand innovative.”

Dermala wanted to work with people who understood the science of the microbiome and the business of beauty. Social Currency's experience spans biotech, beauty, and consumer packaged goods—a perfect setup to translate the science into engaging and fun consumer messaging.

Science, Meet Fun

Dermala's Gen Z consumers want to form brand relationships—if the brand is authentic. See how Dermala showed off its fun new brand in their video, now trending on social.

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