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David brands competing against Goliaths need a sling. That's us.

You can't earn dollars without earning SOCIAL CURRENCY first. A great product's not enough. Good creative isn't even close. Do you know where to sell? When to extend your product line? How to maximize precious launch dollars?


There are right answers to these questions, and finding them is a mix of science, art, and hands-on experience. Our clients choose us because we have built brands from the ground up; we've sold into every distribution channel; and we know the fine balance in a startup between being scrappy and planning a well-researched launch.


We're your sling. The mechanical advantage that turns a scrap of leather and a pebble into the next world-beating brand. Let us show you how we've done it, and how we can do it for you.


Go-to-Market Strategy


A plan that defines your target customers and how to reach them; your distribution channels and how to succeed in them; and your marketing plan.


Sales & Distribution


With experience selling in all retail channels + online, we'll build and execute a plan based on your resources and growth plan.


Fractional CMO


Executive-level business strategy and tactical execution, without the cost and risk of a full-time employee. 

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