Founders Kerrie and Tracey worked together at a startup where they launched two niche brands competing against the biggest brands in consumer goods. At the time, consumer choice was limited to a store selection curated by buyers, dominated almost entirely by a handful of multinational companies.

We were marketing innovative products that could improve people’s lives. However, product innovation wasn’t enough to disrupt ingrained consumer habits and win share of voice against multimillion dollar marketing campaigns.

The traditional tactics used by our Goliath competitors didn’t work for our niche brands. We had to create breakthrough campaigns to inspire the fervent consumer loyalty we needed to build brand awareness. We were a David brand and we needed a slingshot.



When you’re a David brand, how do you fell a giant? Here are a few of our guiding principles.

Start with the customer
No single marketing tactic (no matter how buzzworthy) works for every brand. We develop strategies based on the customer’s needs, beliefs, habits, and watering holes. Then we select tactics that will influence the customer in channels where she already spends her time.

”The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. . . Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.”  - Michael Porter

Lean Startup
Lean Startup is a methodology for launching products in conditions of uncertainty. It provides a scientific approach to creating and managing startups—focusing on validating ideas before investing excessive resources.



We believe innovation powers human progress. We have a lofty goal: to help enable human progress. For innovation to impact human progress, it must proliferate. Social Currency exists to help your innovations thrive—through go-to-market planning, sales, and marketing. Think of us as a slingshot.